Bridgepoint Affinity Procurement Scheme ("BAPS") is a voluntary procurement scheme established to deliver procurement savings to the Bridgepoint portfolio.

Launched as a pilot within Bridgepoint in 1999, BAPS principally covers indirect spend categories. These categories include IT, Telecoms, Utilities, Property. Office services, Finance, HR, Legal, Travel and Vehicles.

BAPS is built around good contacts and latest procurement ideas, and seeks to aggregate volumes across the portfolio. 

BAPS recognises each portfolio company has different requirements: from simply accessing superior pricing agreements to full procurement support.  The service includes e-procurement, e-auctions and a cost reduction specialist placement service.

If you are a supplier interested in offering competitive rates or a Bridgepoint company that wants to join the scheme, please contact Kate Gulliver on +44(0) 20 7034 3500 or