Sector expertise

We invest across all sectors but have a particular focus on five core industry sectors, where we have a good network and understanding of the market dynamics, and a track record of successful transactions in our investment size range.

Consumer and Leisure

We have a strong track record of investing in this space, and we are particularly interested in investments in the Leisure, Food and Beverage, Specialist Retail and FMCG sectors. We look to back high quality management teams and strong brands in growing sub-sectors, which offer domestic or international rollout or consolidation potential as well as product or channel extension opportunities.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Healthcare & Life Sciences represents an attractive market where we have a deep and successful track record of investing across the full spectrum of healthcare services, med tech and pharma outsourcing.

The Healthcare market is driven by the strong macro fundamentals of an aging population, technological advances in the diagnosis and treatment of ailments and increasing consumer awareness of healthcare.  With healthcare demand forecast to continue to outpace the public's sector's financial ability to supply it, there is an opportunity for the private sector through (1) government outsourcing to save money (2) providing services directly to private paying consumers.

The Life Sciences market also represents a large growth market, underpinned by a recovery in the sector's R&D spend. The need for "Big Pharma" to improve efficiency and move to a more variable cost base, the trend to outsource more of the value chain provides exciting opportunities for well positioned businesses with real points of difference. There is also an opportunity for niche players in certain specialist product areas.

We have supported our portfolio companies to leverage the opportunities in these markets through accelerated organic growth, buy and build and international expansion.    


Bridgepoint is a longstanding investor in the Industrials sector. We focus on investing in leading businesses within sub-sector niches operating in markets with sustainable barriers to entry. We typically look for companies with the opportunity to internationalise through either organic or consolidation led strategies, or those with an established international customer or operational footprint.

Our coverage of the Industrials sector is very broad, however, our primary focus is on segments benefitting from long term growth drivers including aerospace & defence, flow control, energy & power, specialty chemicals, and HVAC and related building products.

Media & Technology

A large and high growth sector in the mid-market where we have a strong track record of investing across our European territories. Current and recent investments in the technology and media space encompass the IT infrastructure, software (enterprise and SaaS), digital media and fintech verticals.

Investments in the space have typically benefited from one or more macro technology drivers including the growth of mobile, cloud computing, big data and the internet of things and have held leading positions in their relevant markets. BDC has helped its portfolio companies embrace this vibrant sector through accelerated organic growth, buy and build and international expansion in both Europe and the US.  

Business Services

The wider Business Services definition covers a broad population of companies across white and blue collar, and asset heavy and light business models. BDC has successfully invested across the full range of these businesses encompassing in excess of 30 transactions in recent years across our key geographies. End sectors supported by our business services portfolio companies are broad including oil and gas, retail, financial, industrial and life sciences markets. Regulation and compliance, internationalization and technology enablement are recurring investment themes across many of these investments.

In addition, often purchasing market leaders in fragmented niche sectors, consolidation has been a trend we have been able to support with a significant proportion of our portfolio companies progressing buy and build strategies.