Private Sport Shop

Private Sport Shop (“PSS) is a leading online “flash” sales retailer, partnering with leading brands to sell excess stock at significantly discounted prices.

Sector Consumer Office Paris
Acquired 2019 Deal size N/D


PSS was created in 2011, operating in France, Spain and Italy with an online community of 7.5 million members. It has grown rapidly to become the European market leader in its segment by developing a portfolio of 2,700 brands encompassing more than 100+ sports, ranging from skiing to cycling, alongside a number of generalist, multi-sport brands.

The business operates two flash sales formats: Consignment Sales, where the inventory is held by the third party brand during the flash sale and is delivered directly from its premises to the end customer; and Outright Sales, where PSS acquires the inventory and distributes it to customers directly from its in-house storage facility.

Building on the strength of its position in France, the business is well placed to expand its presence in other key European markets.

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